By: Ian Hocking

Where to Find Free Packing Materials in Barrie

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It is becoming a lot easier to find free packing materials if you're moving to or within the city of Barrie. With more and more people becoming environmentally conscious, a lot of packing materials are being passed on from one mover to the another and are being reused until they need to be passed on for recycling.

Here are a few tips to help you find packing materials for free when planning your next move!

1. Use your sheets, blankets & towels
You need to pack up your sheets, blankets & towels anyway, so why not do it by putting them to good use? You can easily pack fragile objects by rolling them up in blankets and sheets. Your tea towels can also be used to help wrap your dishes. This is an ingenious way of packing since it will save you the hassle of packing up these linens in their own separate boxes.

2. Visit local retail stores
Think big when you are considering which retail stores you'd like to visit for free packing materials. Furniture stores sell a lot of large objects and will possibly have bubble wrap or heavyweight wrapping materials that are just heading for the green bin anyway. If they have recently thrown any out, you can politely ask them if you can head out back and grab some if they have been disposed of only with other paper products and are still clean. Other good places to visit are electronics stores, especially ones that sell large TVs. These need to be packed extra carefully and again, you may hit the jackpot if they have any extra packing material lying around.

3. Grab extra boxes
When you are out and about looking for packing boxes, grab a few extras to use as packing material. You can cut them up and use them to protect mirrors and pictures you have on the wall. Anything that needs to stay flat and cannot get bent can use some cardboard for protection.

4. Start your newspaper collection
Newspapers are your best source of free packing material when you're moving. Start saving the newspapers you receive, like the Barrie Advance, Barrie Examiner & Toronto Star etc. and ask your friends, family and neighbors to pass their papers over to you as well. The sooner you start your collection, the sooner you will have a pile of papers that you can use for packing. 

Since more and more people are taking a green approach, they are more likely to hand over the packing materials to you when you are moving in Barrie. You can also check the Internet on sites like kijiji for classified ads. Some people will have a whole pile of packing materials that they don't want to send to the dumpster and would love to pass them on to you for free to see them well used.

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